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Alla kallar henne – ” That Tile Chick “



Hi, my name is Schannon. Some call me That Tile Chick.

I was an accountant for 8 years! After being bored to death at a desk, I decided to start a construction company in 2017.

When I couldn’t find someone to install showers properly, I took it on myself.

Since then I have fully emersed myself in this beautiful world of tile.

I have spent countless days & sometimes nights researching and contacting other installers around the United States to learn all I could.

In August of 2020, I quit my job and started doing tile full-time.

Since then I started my social media pages as well to try to help the next generation find love for this dying trade.

I take pride in my work, skill, and knowledge. It is my duty and obligation to provide my clients with an outstanding product.

Vi som är bakom Badrumsplaneten, är en grupp av människor som har arbetat i branschen i många år och älskar verkligen att jobba med badrum renovation, kakel, klinker och badrumsinredning.

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